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12/26/20221 min read

Black Adam

So I just finished watching Black Adam. I am a big fan of the Rock, and was looking forward to it. It also was an introduction to the Justice Society, Dr Fate, Hawkman( one of my favorites), Atom Smasher and Cyclone. It starts off well in that it goes through the formation of how he becomes Black Adam, a lot of flashbacks. And that was all interesting enough. Then it circles back to a current timeline. The basics of the movie are ok, the effects are great and the action is fun.


  1. The Rock as Black Adam was perfect.

  2. The effects and cgi and even the overall story was good.

  3. Dr Fate was great, Pierce Bronson was really good in the role

  4. The chemistry between Cyclone and Atom Smasher was actually fun to watch

  5. Black Adam becoming the reluctent hero and helping liberate Khandaq was a fun way to take it.


  1. The buddy buddy between Black Adam and the kid, was really hokey and really cheezy.

  2. Hawkman, really was just a dick the whole time. Very self righteous.

  3. Atom Smasher, during the battles and becoming the comedy relief to Hawkman, just sucked.

  4. Sabbac, as the main villain, was just a mashup of many different versions of Satan. Also seemed cheezy

  5. With virtually no background being played out for any of the Justice Society, you just dont care about any of them.

The end result is iffy, and you can see why James Gunn put a sequel on hold, or maybe its cancelled outright. Either is the right call, they need to do better by these characters

End Result : 5/10