Gi Joe #1 NM 9.6



Giant size issue - "Operation: Lady Doomsday!" Written by Larry Hama. Art by Herb Trimpe and Bob McLeod. Cobra is a sinister terrorist organization bent on world domination! There is only one thing standing in their way - GI Joe, the free world's elite strike force and a band of highly trained super soldiers who fight for freedom, justice and the American way. Yo, Joe! NOTE: 1st appearance of Hawk, Snake-eyes, Scarlett, Clutch, Rock 'n' Roll, Stalker, Breaker, Flash, Grand Slam, Short-Fuse, Grunt, Cobra Commander and the Baroness. Includes back-up story "Hot Potato!" Written by Larry Hama. Art by Don Perlin and Jack Abel. Starring Snake-eyes, Scarlett, and Rock 'n' Roll. Also includes a 2-page diagram of "The Pit," the G.I. Joe Command Center. 48 pages, FC. Note: Here's a bit of trivia. Did you know? Originally Larry Hama came up with an idea for a story that involved Nick Fury's son running an offshoot of SHIELD that operated in the Marvel Universe. Well, when Marvel Comics got the rights to do a comic series for the GI Joe toyline, Hama's idea evolved and the character that was meant to be Nick Fury's son became General Hawk and that offshoot of SHIELD became GI Joe. 

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