Justice Machine Featuring the Elemental #1 NM



Chapter 1: "The Darkforce Affair." Story by Bill Willingham. Art and wrap around cover by Mike Gustovich. On their home world of Georwell, the government police force The Justice Machine to capture the rebel Darkforce. Unbeknownst to them however, this is all a part of his plan. For the Darkforce has forged an alliance with an alien race. His minion Tarot, hidden from the Justice Machine, emerges and puts their master plan into motion. A plan that involves summoning and controlling warriors from another dimension. These warriors turn out to be the Elementals. But they are not under Tarot's control as planned. However, once they are made aware of the totalitarian nature of Georwell society, the Elementals join the fight willingly. Conveniently though, Tarot neglects to mention the alien race that plans to invade.

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