Spiderman Vs Wolverine #1 VF+


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First Printing -- "High Tide!" Giant-sized issue. Script by Jim Owsley. Pencils by Mark Bright. Inks by Al Williamson. Cover by Mark Bright. Plot continues from Amazing Spider-Man 288. Ned Leeds is chasing the story of his career! The Daily Bugle's ace reporter uncovers evidence that a notorious cold war spy has resurfaced in divided Germany! After convincing Jonah to spring for the trip, Ned and Peter Parker fly to West Berlin to start their investigation! However the infamous KGB operative (aka Charlemagne) is a long-time friend and associate of Wolverine! And when Logan hears that she's back in business, the adamantium-laced X-Man likewise travels to Germany to find her! Sadly the Bugle-sponsored business trip turns tragic when Peter discovers Ned murdered in their hotel. Oh no, who killed Betty's husband? The Amazing Spider-Man invades East Berlin and teams up with Wolverine to unearth the truth! But the web-slinger's noble intentions lead him into a clandestine world of grisly violence and repulsive death! Is Wolverine going to help the wall-crawler cope with tragedy...or just add to his misery? An intense issue from start to finish! Story continues in Amazing Spider-Man 289 and Web of Spider-Man 29. Death of Ned Leeds (aka the Hobgoblin). Cameo appearances by Aunt May and Mary Jane Watson. Flashback cameos by Storm and Havok. (Notes: Ned Leeds first appeared way back in Amazing Spider-Man 18. In a poetic twist, Spider-Man and the Hobgoblin's final interaction with one another occurs as co-workers on a special investigation as opposed to adversaries in the skies over Manhattan. Through a classic series of panels, Peter and Mary Jane realize they are more than friends; and that leads into Peter's proposal in Amazing Spider-Man 290. Marvel revisited this tale in 2008 in the one-shot What If: Spider-Man vs. Wolverine.

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