The Amazing Spiderman #317 NM



"The Sand and the Fury!" Part 2 of 2. Script by David Michelinie. Art by Todd McFarlane. Cover by Todd McFarlane. After fleeing from Venom last issue, the web-slinger returns to the sanctuary of Aunt May's home in Queens! Peter and Mary Jane have only been living there for a few days and haven't had any visitors. But suddenly their first one knocks on the door: Venom! What?! Is the crazed villain going to slay Aunt May and her elderly boarders? No, the savage psychopath just stopped by to issue a challenge to her wall-crawling nephew! Meet in the morning at Montauk Point off Long Island Sound for a duel to the death! Wow, does the web-slinger have a chance vs. the overpowering Venom? The situation does not look good for your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Cameo appearance by the Thing (aka Ben Grimm).

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