The Amazing Spiderman #323 NM 9.6



"Assault Rivals!" The Assassin Nation Plot Part 4 of 6. Guest-starring Captain America, Silver Sable, and Solo. Script by David Michelinie. Art by Todd McFarlane. Cover by Todd McFarlane. The Symkarian government is in a state of crisis after its prime minister was murdered last issue! And Silver Sable thinks the cold-blooded killer is linked somehow to the United States! To quell the growing anti-American sentiment, the star-spangled avenger parachutes into the royal palace! Awesome! The wall-crawler's overseas caper just went big time with the addition of Captain America! After a meeting of the minds; Cap, Sable, and Spider-Man rush to the Symkaria-Latveria border to attack Ultimatum's mountain hideaway! With help from the mercenary called Solo, the three heroes upset Ultimatum! But are they any closer to finding the prime minister's killer? Cameo appearances by Mary Jane Watson and Aunt May. 

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