The Amazing Spiderman #326 NM



"Gravity Storm" Acts of Vengeance crossover. Script by David Michelinie. Pencils by Colleen Doran. Inks by Andy Mushynsky. Cover by Colleen Doran and Al Gordon. Peter and Mary Jane throw a housewarming party in their new Soho loft! It's a really cool place right above Harry and Liz Osborn's loft! Meanwhile at the Daily Bugle, Graviton stops by in search of Spider-Man! Whoa, the master of gravity usually tangles with the Avengers and the Fantastic Four! Why is he after the wondrous wall-crawler? It's all part of the act! The Acts of Vengeance that is! Is Spidey ready to step up his game? Cameo appearances by Flash Thompson, Glory Grant, and Aunt May.

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