The Amazing Spiderman #330 NM



First Printing. "The Power Chase" Part 1 of 2. Guest-starring the Punisher. Script by David Michelinie. Pencils by Erik Larsen. Inks by Mike Machlan. Cover by Erik Larsen. The War on Drugs comes to the pages of the Amazing Spider-Man! As the web-slinger and the Punisher team up to track down a massive cocaine shipment coming into the Big Apple! On the Brooklyn docks, the wall-crawler and the gun-toting vigilante find what they're looking for in droves! The duo is not surprised that the coke is heavily guarded; however, they're shocked it's protected by the U.S. military! Are the feds dealing? Or perhaps better stated...double-dealing? Cameo appearances by Aunt May, Microchip, and Eddie Brock (aka Venom). Flashback cameos by Mary Jane Watson, Flash Thompson and the Black Cat.

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