Wonder Woman 3 Cancelled??

What is up at DC ?

12/15/20221 min read

Wonder Woman 3 Cancelled.

Over at the DC movie department, the 2 new guys did not take long to shake things up. Announcing the cancelation of the current direction Wonder woman 3 was heading. Considering Wonder Woman was a very good movie in my opinion, and Wonder Woman 1984 was honestly one of the worst movies I have ever seen, I have to think this is a good thing for the series. To me it was mind boggling how Patty Jenkins could have made such a great first movie and an utter disaster of the 2nd movie. Of course losing the screenplay writer Allan Heinberg , with help from Zack Snyder and Jason Fuchs and replacing them with essentially herself and Geoff Johns did not end up a good mix even with Gal Godot doing a great job as Wonder Woman could not help 1984 at all. And thankfully James Gunn and Peter Safran quickly put it out of our misery.

Not sure where this ends up going, but I do hope they can salvage some of the projects like Wonder Woman going forward. There are ultimatly so many great stories from the comic Books for them to draw upon. Watching the messy 1984 and just being such a tough watch being filmed like it actually was filmed in the 80s clearly wasnt what I liked, even tho I grew up in the 80s and have a ton of fond memories from that timeline. I am happy they are making a change from the last movie. How about you?